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Windshield Repair / Auto Glass Repair in Lake Jackson

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113 Oyster Creek Dr. Ste D in Lake Jackson
(between CVS Pharmacy & Bartlett's Marine/Tom's Pawn,
shop is located in the back on the left.


No-Cost (FREE) Repairs with most Full Coverage Comprehensive
Insurance !


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Most Insurance Companies Accepted!

Dispatches/Referrals accepted from most Third Party Glass Claims Administrators (Safelite, LYNX, Strategic Claims/HSG, eGlass Claims, Gerber National Claims)

Windshield Repair Angleton, Clute, Richwood, Freeport, Surfside, Brazoria, West Columbia, Sweeny

Any windshield damage that can be covered-up by placing a "dollar bill" over it can normally be repaired (auto glass repair, windshield chip repair). We will repair cracked windshields (up to 14" long), rock chips, rock dings, stars, or bulls-eyes.

We can make those blemishes nearly disappear. In most cases all that is visible is where the object that hit it has removed some of the glass. Depending on how long the damage has been exposed and to what chemicals (Hydrophobics such as "Rain-X" and certain car wash "waxes") we have been able to achieve 85%-90% restoration of damage clarity. Don't be disappointed by poorly trained technicians using auto/discount store repair kits. The Big Glass companies & most mobile repair/replacement services make their living REPLACING windshields, so it's much more profitable for them to "replace" your windshield, therefore a quality repair is not good for their bottom line. Some advertise that they offer "mobile service", but most of the time they will try to influence you to come to them or schedule you weeks in the future. We are locally owned & committed to maintaining your respect. We strive for excellence so we use state of the art equipment manufactured by Delta Kits, the leaders in the windshield repair industry since 1984, and the highest quality/most expensive resins available in the market today. windshield crack repair windshield repair services

Most repairs only take 15-20 minutes, so come by anytime, or call 979-266-7078 or 979-482-3763 to confirm we are available as we often get dispatches from insurance companies. Even if there is a wait, normally it will be no more than 15-20 minutes! 


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Call ahead 979-266-7078
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Windshield Repair / Auto Glass Repair

113 Oyster Creek Dr, Ste D, Lake Jackson, TX 77566, US

(979) 266-7078 Mobile (979) 482-3763


 9am-6pm Mon.-Fri. & 9am-3pm (ish) Sat.
Call ahead 979-266-7078
Mobile 979-482-3763

 Windshield Repair / Auto Glass Repair
113 Oyster Creek Dr, Ste D Lake Jackson, TX 77566 US
Phone: (979) 266-7078 Mobile (979) 482-3763